Bathroom Remodeling Services in Michigan

Why Bathroom Remodeling?

Bathroom remodeling can turn your dull or feature-lacking bathroom into one you love!

If you spend enough time in your home, eventually you are going to discover things that you don’t like about it. One of the areas this is common in with our customers is the bathroom.

It might be because your bathroom doesn’t have the features you want or need. Or, that it has lost its luster over the years. Even something as simple as you’d like to upgrade it look more modern.

It’s perfectly natural; we all do it to some degree.

But, what if you could have the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of having? What would that look like for you?

Would it have modern, spa-like features, such as zero-transition shower with multiple shower heads? Maybe, a completely open European Wet Room design, with his and her vanities?

Whatever it is, Stella Contracting in Plymouth, MI specializes in bathroom remodeling services for customers who want functionality, accessibility and high-end design.

Bathroom Remodeling For Function

Is there something missing from your bathroom that would make your life easier or more enjoyable? Perhaps, a no-step shower, comfort-height cabinets and toilet, or even a new soaking tub?

Maybe there are specific features you really want in your bathroom, such as more room to move around, a no-step shower or others that would make your bathroom easier and more enjoyable to use.

Have a look at some of our bathroom remodeling projects and you’ll see that we understand. We’ve been helping customers in the Plymouth, MI area create bathrooms designed specifically for them for over 60 years.

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Special Needs Bathrooms

Do you need it to be easier to use because you have specific physical needs? Maybe your bathroom doesn’t support you, so you can do the things you need to do.

There are features that can help someone who has a specific physical need. From roll-under vanities to properly placed grab bars, up to and including features to make transfers easier.

These and other accessible or barrier-free remodeling features can make your life easier and your bathroom more enjoyable to use. Not to mention, much safer for you.

Remodeling For The Future

Are you thinking about your future and want have a bathroom that is able to help you later in life? Today, many people are beginning to understand just how important it is to have a home that supports you later in life.

Did you know that every year, millions of people over age 65 go to the emergency room because they fall? Or, that the room where the most falls occur is the bathroom?

Having a bathroom that will reduce anyone’s risk of falling, regardless of their age, is a worthwhile investment. By incorporating some specific features, such as having no transition between the bathroom floor and the shower area, can increase your chances of staying injury-free.

By combining Universal Design principles and our experience in accessible design, we can create a gorgeous bathroom that you can enjoy now and has all the features and functionality you may need later.

Bathroom Remodeling Makes Sense

Many of our customers have lived in their homes for years. They’re in love with the neighborhood, are really involved in their community or don’t want to give up their memories.

Whatever the reason, lots of folks want to stay where they are and just update their home to their lifestyle now.

If you’re looking to create the bathroom you’ve dreamed of having (or, the one you need now), you don’t have to look any further.

Stella Contracting can make it happen for you, with as little inconvenience on your part as possible. Our bathroom designers have the experience you need to make these changes in your home.

We can guide you as you decide the features you need, so when our qualified craftsmen are done with your project, you’ll have a beautiful bathroom created to your specifications.

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to be a painful process. You deserve to have your project completed on time and with the top quality workmanship you expect and that Stella Contracting offer on all there projects.

Whether you need to update an existing bathroom, add a master suite with a luxurious spa, or modify a bathroom for special needs, we can help you!

Stella Contracting can Create the Bathrooms You’ll Want To Show Off

Get your questions answered about bathroom remodeling today. Call For A Consultation (734) 459-7111

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